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Amazing game, H had a short beautiful time going through it. I'm looking up to more games like this!!!

Why are there two of each?????

Where or how did you take that screenshot?

This is what should appear:

This is shown when you play this in app

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it is practicly this

but only the runnable files are shown. Now that I look at this in the file mannager the problem is that the ITCH.IO app shows only runnable files and they are named  the same so runnning it thru the ITCH.IO app is kind of confusing.


I have PTSD flashbacks over the Skype ringing sound. I haven't used Skype in about 2 years now.

Wow you make me think about how interesting it is to "time-travel" through specific sounds. In a couple of years this would be heard only as retro for some people but you'll be getting those flashbacks, if we had decided for messenger chat maybe people could be remembering their high-school days O.O!


aaaah this is super cool and cute!!! the doggo noises especially :')

yeah, doggo needs some cuddles too :3


the concept is simple but amazing, very relatable as well! i find myself rushing to click on every distractions because i know how it feels to have my dream interrupted. 

We are glad you could relate to it (: Having an amazing dream interrupted is quite annoying but if you are fast enough you can sometimes resume it, even in real life! hahaha

I absolutely adore this, thank you for making such a wonderful game <3


Thanks for your kind words (:

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Whoo was that hard ahaha. I still don't know how to shoo away the bird but other than that it was a fun and challenging game for sure! Poor character just wanted to sleep in! Guess they have to learn to block the door from opening, tie down the blinds, put their phone on do not disturb, turn off their alarm clock, amazon alexa, computer, and unplug their fairy lights! If you want to sleep in make an effort to take out the annoying distractions! But still a fun little game lmao.


sure, not making an effort at night has serious consequences in the morning hahaha 

The bird is free like the wind, not really something you need to shoo, but you have to keep an eye on temperature and open or close the window depending on the red-blue bar  info (;

Ohhh so that's the reason why we open the window! Thanks so much for explaining that part!

luv it

do you plan to make more games? looks like you didn't publish anything for a while


Hi! It's been a while since Rodrigo and I worked together but you can keep track of us individually. Rodrigo posts personal projects here . On the other hand, I've been busy working for 9 Years of Shadows but I'm planning on doing a jam soon(;

The game is short, sweet, and relaxing. Great job

wow you mastered the game! hahaha
As I see you watering plants, i'll tell you a secret... it is possible to water the first and second plants (the small ones) if you stop the can halfway (;

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oh, I forgot to water the other plants. Hope they'll forgive me xd

Also, great game design. You really nailed a chill atmosphere(I'm a sucker for pixel art).

I did it!! Loved your game, very fun

Thanks! ^^



cool! that's the spirit (:

after two epic fails, i managed to sleep in till eleven oclock YEAH BABYYYYYYYY!!!!

this was awesome and annoying at the same time.but in a good really well done way. the only problem playing it in browser was that the custom cursor was underneath the desktop cursor, so there was two cursors on screen, and the custom game one lagged behind the desktop, but like i said, i still managed to kick those annoyances in the nuts and have sweet dreams man. 


hahahahaha congratulations , you made it! (: 
Yeah, having cursors overlay is something we didn't take into account at first because there was only the downloadable version where you also wouldn't notice the cursor's speed, but we are happy you enjoyed it anyway. ^^ 


Recently I have uploaded a video with this game,

But I have immediately got a copyright attack for the song at the background, so I deleted it.

If that's not a problem, then I would like to change the song in my video.

By the way, I also want to say...

GREAT JOB! I had a great time with it :)

Thank You in advance for your reply

And Keep Up The Good Work!

You got a 5 star

Hi! Thank you so much for your interest and wanting to make a video (: The song is from Jadon Converse also known as @beatsbycon ( it was a free to use song, if you remember to mention him there shouldn't be a problem. But if you keep having this issue you can always shut down the music in-game by clicking on the radio (it is at the shelves on the left).

whats the name of the song

Hi! The name of the song is Lofi Piano Type Beat- Dream Girl and this is the link

Finally a game that captures the struggles of wanting to sleep in. x)

Quite hectic later on, but on my second attempt, I managed to snooze until the end. The relaxed music, interrupted by all the alarm sounds and noises captures the setting really well. The pixel art is also great at not only setting the mood, but also highlighting the different interactive elements.

Love it!


Wow :3 We are very happy you didn't surrender to the alarm and dreamed untill the end hahaha Thank you for your nice comment (:

I love the mood... made me think about how hard waking up in the morning can be.


Yeah, Thank you! Even staying in bed and taking our time is hard sometimes too. That's why, as the gamejam theme says, we don't have to give up (:

I love the art and the concept. It's very original and could really be developed on. Unfortunately the music did really suit the game but the visuals make up for it.

Thank you for your comment! We just uploaded a post-gamejam version where we added a radio so you can pause ingame music and listen to your own (:

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Gorgeous art! I really liked it but I can't quite describe why. Maybe because it's such a relatable feeling.

Thank you! We wanted it to be atmospheric and relatable^^